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Please note our address has changed - the new address is 1st Floor, 16 Nicholas Street, Manchester, M1 4EJ

As from 1st November 2018 all applicants will be required to give Fingerprints (Biometrics) when they are applying, except applicants under the age of 14 and over the age of 70 and those who have finger mutilation.





If you have an enquiry about your Express Application please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Only certain european passports can apply on the Express Service , please call us for more details or fill in the contact page. There are two ways of applying for a visa:-

- Apply through the official site and handle the process yourself Or

- Apply through us by following the steps below - Visas take up to 3 days to process not including postage time.

Our service is operated by United BIC Ltd and provides a quick and secure China Visa application service helping to make the entire process simpler.

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Please note is an servicing agent,and will charge a small fee from £20-£40 depending on the entry required and the service required. All prices advertised on the China Visa Services website include our fee and the embassy fee to ensure that all documents are correct before submitting your application to the Chinese embassy. Completing them through us will save the time of travelling back and forth from the embassy as we will queue for you. A charge of £12 will be added to the visa fee if customers need the visa and passport sending back to them.See full visa pricing.

To apply through us, you will need to download the relevant forms and complete the checklist specified below.

There is a £1.50 fee for downloading the forms - this is refunded if you proceed to use our Visa Services.

All EXPRESS applications must be submitted to us by 10.30am on thesame day if applying in person at the office, any delays will result in charges


Steps On How To Apply For A China Visa

You can either apply by post or in person at our location specified below.

If applying by post or  in person at the office all documents and application forms must be scanned to us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  in a pdf format for a pre check ensuring all documents are correct , ensure all the application form is fully completed to avoid delays ,  also a digital photo of the applicant on a white backround  and copy of the passport digital page must also be scanned to us on a jpg format on a seperate file, when  the applicant attends the biometric appointment  they  will have to also bring  a hard copy  passport sized photo  and their passport   , please ensure that the photograph has a white backround  this must be done  advance before attending the office or posting to us , once all documents has been prechecked one of the visa advisers will be in contact to arrange a date and time to attend for biometrics and confirm that all documents are correct.

A consultation can be booked with one of our experts if you would like additional help with the process below. This can be booked here

Step one - Downloading Forms:

You have two choices of downloading forms 

You can either just pay to download the forms (£1.50) by clicking here and then pay in full later.  

Alternatively, you can pay for a Visa in full online straight away which includes all the required forms.  There are different options available and they can viewed and bought here. 

Applicants under the age of 18, must have a legal guardian or parent sign there application form on their behalf, the orginal birth certicate containing BOTH parents name must submitted with the application including a copy of BOTH parents passport data page.(Birth certicates will be returned after the visa process).

The application can be printed on both single and double sided paper.

(All applications forms MUST be type written)

 Application forms that has been type written and found to to have mistakes , will have to be reprinted without the mistakes , correction fluid  cannot be used and mistakes can not be crossed out , on the application form.

All gaps on the application form that are not applicable to the applicant please type N/A

Make a photocopy of the passport data page - one copy is required for each applicant , 50p is chargeable if no copy is made.

Black and white copies of the data page will be accepted but must be copied on an A4 sized paper and not smaller.

Please make sure the passport is not damaged or has water damage , applications sent to the office with damage on the passport will be refused and still charged the visa fee.

Passports sent into the office without four clear pages not including the page for observations on the passport will be refused and still charged the service fee and visa fee.

All application forms MUST be type written

Step two - Passport Photo:

Prepare one passport sized photo less than 6 months old on a white background only. Please ensure the photo shows the full face.

Passport sized photos must NOT be stapled to the application form.

We now provide a photography service at our  Nicholas Street location which you can use if applying in person

Please ensure you have a minimum of  four blank pages in your passport and more than 6 months still valid on your passport (this does not include page for official observations).

Send your passport and not a copy as the visa has to go in your passport.

Applicants who hold a non EU passport must make a copy of their resident permit in the UK (Must have more than 6 months or more on the resident permit). Applicants without a resident permit will not be able to obtain a China Visa in the UK.

View new photo specification

Step three - Travel / Accommodation Proof:

If applying for a tourist visa then flights and hotel confirmation are required. (Round trip airticket)

If applicants are applying for more than 30 days stay in China, a full duration hotel confirmation is required.

Please ensure the applicant's name is on the confirmation - this must be printed and sent with the application.

If visiting friends/family and not staying in hotel then an invite letter is required along with a copy of the inviter's  local id or a copy of their visa/resident permit ,a copy of the inviters photo page is also required.

The invite letter must contain where the applicant is staying , the applicants passport number , from what date they will be staying to what date ,the purpose of visit , the relationship between inviter and applicant and  a contact number in China for the invitee this also must be signed and dated by the invitee and his/her name must be printed in block capitails, this can be faxed or emailed,who will pay for the trip must also metioned in the letter.

If visiting ie.Father/Mother/Son , a orginal copy of a full birth certificate must be sent with the application as a  proof of the relationship, birth certificates without both parents name on it with not be accepted.

If travelling on a cruise please provide your cruise itinerary with the applicants name on the itinerary.

If applicants are flying to join a cruise in China a full flight confirmation must also be provided.(Round Trip)

If applicants are going on a tour in China , a full itinerary must be provided with the applicants name.

Step four - Business Letter if applicable:

If applying for a business visa then a business letter is required from the company/supplier in China.

The business letter must be an official letter head with company address, telephone and fax number. It should also state the applicants passport number, expiry date and their date of birth and the purpose of for the visit.

The letter must also be dated and the traveling dates mentioned .

It must also have a company stamp or if not then it must be signed by the inviter.

If applying for a multientry visa this must be stated in the company letter and why a multi entry is required.

If applying for a long term study visa(over 180 days) , admission letter / duly authorisation unit (JW201 or JW202) from the school/university must be provided, the letter must contain the applicants name and what is the purpose of visit and the duration of the course, the letter must be dated and stamped or signed, these must the orginal documents .

If applying for a short term study visa (less than 180 days), an admission letter/letter from university or school must be provided ,this must contain the applicants name and the purpose of visit and the duration of the course, the letter must be dated and stamped or signed.

If applying for a working visa, all the original documents or electronic copies (with  barcode) must be provided .ie duly authorisation and work permit, these will be returned after the visa has been approved.

If applying to visit a university for a conference / exchange visit/study tours or other activities, a letter from the university / school must be provided the letter must be on a full letter this must include a telephone number and fax number  and the applicants name , passport number and the purpose of visit , the letter must be dated and stamped or signed, this can be faxed or emailed.

Step five - Making Payment:

If you didn't pay for the Visa in full in step 1 - then there are a range of payment options - Check the current visa prices

If paying by cheque, please make it payable to "CHINA VISA SERVICES", please quote your name/company as a reference on back of cheque.


Credit and Debit cards are also accepted - Please fill in the payment authorization form.- Please note we do not accept AMEX.

Credit and Debit cards are also accepted over the phone by calling 08453882838 .

If you would like your visa and passport to returned to you via special delivery, then please add an additional £12. You can also pre pay an envelope if you wish.

Provide a print out of your payment confirmation , and attach to your visa application if you have paid online.

All Visa fees and service charge must be paid once the application has been submitted.

VISA FEES AND SERVICE CHARGE will not be refunded should the visa application be declined, refused or in any way changed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates. 

Once appointment has been made payment is required, to secure the appointment
Any delays in making payment will result in appointment being cancelled


Step six - Send Documents:

(Documents and passports can also  be sent by courriers to our visa office address below). Or

Go to post office and send all documents and passport(s) using special delivery next day before 1pm not 9am to:
T/a China Visa Services.
1st Floor
16 Nicholas Street
M1 4EJ

Please use special delivery, not recorded delivery. Do not send passports and documents using first or second class post.





Please note that China Visa Services is a servicing agent and is not associated with either the Chinese Embassy or any Government. In many cases Embassies charge a fee for handling visas, if we handle your application a fee is charged for advising and helping with the requirements and preparation of your visa. Additionally, we will send a courier to collect the visa so you don’t have to queue. The services and forms we use are available from the Government for a lower cost.