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Please note our address has changed - the new address is 1st Floor, 16 Nicholas Street, Manchester, M1 4EJ

1) Can I transfer my China Visa into my new passport?

Yes  you can transfer a visa into another passport, providing details have not changed on the new passport.

2)  Do i  have to fill my China Visa Application form by typing it?

Yes all application forms must be typed, application forms hand written will not be accepted .

3) Can my passport sized photo be printed on a non-glossy paper or matt paper?

No, passport sized photo must be printed on glossy or matt photo paper.

4) Can I print the application form on non-white a4 paper?

No, the application form must be printed on white a4 paper, any other colour paper will be rejected by embassy.

5) Can I apply if my passport has less than 6 months valid left on it?

Yes but is advisable to have 6 months on the passport validity .

6) Can I apply if i have less than 4 pages blank in my passport?

Yes you can but is subject to embassy discretion.

7) Can I apply for my visa in advance?

It is advisable to apply for your visa one month before your departure date.

8) What type of visa is best for me?

Please see type of visa page.

9) Can someone else apply for my visa on behalf of me?

NO as every applicants fingerprints must be provided, expect applicants over the age of 70and under the age of 14.




Please note that China Visa Services is a servicing agent and is not associated with either the Chinese Embassy or any Government. In many cases Embassies charge a fee for handling visas, if we handle your application a fee is charged for advising and helping with the requirements and preparation of your visa. Additionally, we will send a courier to collect the visa so you don’t have to queue. The services and forms we use are available from the Government for a lower cost.